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Default Re: EQHD

Originally posted by cultiv8r
What's the EQHD format? Or at least, what's the vendor ID?
According to the author the format is the following:

> Yep, Shareaza uses RAZA. I think I plugged it into their
> database.
> For anyone who is interested, the private EQHD is one byte
> long and the LSB represents P2P chat availability. That's exactly
> the same as LimeWire, which is why you can chat with
> Shareaza and LimeWire hosts. I think the whole chat thing has
> a lot more potential than what they've done so far, but its a
> start I guess. Shareaza's chat implementation allows IRC style
> nicknames and /me 's, but that's as far as I extended it.
> The public area contains the usual host flags and plaintext or
> deflated XML.

This quote is from their forum at
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