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Originally posted by Morgwen

what do mean exatly? Shareaza has no auto-queries like Qtrax...

I ask already some people to check this client!

Hmm, OK, well, that's what I read somewhere. If this is true, then it's not AS BAD.

However, what about all the other things that I mentioned? You know.. the things that give you such great search results. Connecting to hundreds of UP's, changing the TTL and expire time to whatever you want, etc. These things are supposed to have limits! That's why no other Gnutella client today (I may be wrong, but no popular ones, anyway) let you change these values. Bearshare and Limewire, will let you change the number of UP's but they have LIMITS. The Bearshare 3.0.0 Betas had unlimited UP's for a long time. Last week, I mentioned in a post on, how this could harm the network if it was left in upon release, and it was limited to 10 in the next Beta. I guarantee you, if Vinnie would have left the limits out of the release, there would be a hundred people here slamming him.

Now, imagine, if you will, a world where Shareaza is the predominant Gnutella client. The average leaf is connected to, oh, let's say 75 Ultrapeers at a time. Now, it may take 10 minutes or so, for newcomers to find an Ultrapeer to connect to, but that's OK, because everyone has "maximum exposure" on the network.

Now, I won't try to fool you. I don't know enough about how gnutella works to tell you how changing the TTL and expire time can harm the network, but what I do know, is that they're not supposed to be changed. That's why none of the other clients out there let you edit these values anymore. I'm prety sure it has something to do with flooding the network. Could someone else out there please explain?
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