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I don't know enough about how gnutella works to tell you how changing the TTL and expire time can harm the network, but what I do know, is that they're not supposed to be changed.
TTL = Time To Live = expire time

If you sent the value to high and try to send it, most servants will (should?) either change the value or drop the packet.

I think a real problem is that it allows large packets to be passed around the network by default. This is really bad for modem users.

My experience with this client has not been so good.

1) Plenty of search results but the downloads seem to hang before they get started.

2) Have yet to upload anything after running it for 3 days in ( 1 day in normal mode, 1 in leaf mode and 1 in ultrapeer mode ).

3) Another rather stupid bug is the fact that the client will connect to itself multiple times through the local lookback address ( if it has that address in its cache. I attached a screenshot if you want a good laugh (72k zip). Look at the packet
counts and times you can match the in/out connections

4) If you connect to a number of clients ( around 20 or so ) in normal mode and open the packet monitor then try to change the packet types the program seems to lock up.

5) The program also crashes almost every time I close it.

If 3, 4, and 5 were fixed or explained it would be a decent client, but as far as it being better than any other client I would have to disagree.
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