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Yeah and, dammit, you people all need to share the files after you download them!!!!

I think in order to help improve the already congested network, try making a rule for yourself where for every file you download, you let at least 5 other people download it off you before you decide to move it off your completed folder. 5 is a good number to offset all the leecher bitches and the modem people who can't help it.

Just today I left gnutella on while I ran errands, and when I came back I felt really good about myself when I saw all the completed uploads YAY!!!!

Also about that misconfig - hey gnotella/lime/bear guys? Could you PLEASE start including lower upload max-user settings in your defaults. Sheeesh. We're all not sharing jpegs.

Boy am I glad I got brittney's exclusive unreleased playboy pic. I had no idea.


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