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espaņol is in fact now very close to English in terms of usage on the internet and site numbers.....There are numerous studies which all agree that within the next 2-3 years Spanish will overtake English as the majority user language on the internet.
Spanish is also, if you exclude Chinese from the tables, almost equal to English in usage and dominance worldwide and, again, is expected to surpass English in this decade. The USA government declares that over 46% of the US population speak Spanish. This number is considered to be very conservative.

The Spanish language internet facilities are anything but in early development..... Please have a browse around and you will discover that the 'red espaņol' is enormous with many very high quality sites.

p.s. On planet Earth, the majority of registered motor vehicles and state supported roads and highways are for Right Hand Drive vehicles being driven on the LEFT side of the road!!!!
Not everything is what it appears to be!!!!

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