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Originally posted by Morgwen
As in many other countries too... Ok some French, but what have the Hansa to do with the French laguage?
Nothing only that Doing the 1600th Sweden and French was very close and it become "fashon" to talk French and many of our words in our language is French words still today.
And under 1150-1350 we was undersige from the "Hansa", an very rich and powerfull Merchant groupe from Hamburg, they had an ships called "knogg" and they pushed out the vikings, and they imposed a German sudo goverment and all "knecktar" (Hansa soldier) and they collected tax for "Hansa" and was very hated, and they was speaking only Germanic, and that was incoporated in to our language.

Sorry about the small misstake about Hamburg here. it should have read Lübeck and Hamburg, (and other city was (if I remember right) Bremen, Travemünde, Rostock later Visby on Gotland in Sweden and at it's hight it was over 200 city's in Germany, Sweden, Polen, Denmark, Russia, Holland, England, Norway, and other battic countrys.) That is why the swedish laungue have so many "loan" words as we call them in Sweden, that incudes French and German words.
I know the history about the Hansa very well, I live in Bremen its still called "hansa" town..., 140 kilometres away from Hamburg, but the main city was Lübeck not Hamburg!

Yes, Sorry about that misstake, Morgwen. It was Lübeck.
I should have seen that. I have been very much in Germany (I was in the merchent marine for 15 years) I was even living there for 3.5 years. In Wiebaden.
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