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Cool Poll!Should it be possible to disable the Browse Host function!


In the news recently we have read that maybe in the near future the music industry will start making law suits against private individuals(well atleast the top 10% of sharers that supposedly are providing 90% of file sharing networks content).But nothing has been decided 100% about that yeat.But if it turns out that it will happen I think that something must be done about the new Browse Host function in the new 2.5.x beta of LimeWire.It was re-introduced by popular demand and sure is a great feature but that was before we heard about the recent threats to the network.So in a future update I think it is important for the survival of the network that we as users have the ability to turn that feature off in LW preferences so that no one using any client will be able to browse hosts that have disabled it in their preferences.

Sure maybe this will make the new Browse Host function less usable but it maybe a neccessity these days after the recent threats from the music industry.

The disable function have to be designed in such a way that it is impossible from someone outside to view someones complete shared directory.Yesterday and the day before I was attacked by Warner Music in a new way:

Read more about it in my post:

So it seems that somehow they have designed a client that can Browse Hosts even if the target host do not have clients that have this function(I am using LimeWire 2.4.4 for Mac) which do not have a Browse Host function and yet Warner Music was able to browse my Shared Directory and download a wast amount of files from me.

What do the disableing of the Browse Host function have to do with the recent threats from the music industry?

Well they say that if they start to chase individuals they will target their efforts against the big sharers(the top 10% that provides the network with 90% of its content).And If LimeWire would have the option that makes it impossible for someone to browse their shared directory we would not loose many of those valuable persons data from the network instead many of them would probably switch to LimeWire and LimeWire would become a bigger Gnutella client compared to the competitors.

So now what do you think about this should the LImeWire development team incorporate this function in a future update?

I think they should!

Hope That You Liked My Inputs!

Sincerely Joakim Agren!
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