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Default number of hosts

i use my most recent version and only get number of host by going to statistics. it is there, but a prolbem to get to. real hassle.
limewire CAN determine number of currently connected hosts.
some folks it would seem really want people to rather not consider that... but then these could be the same ones that gave certain individuals bots to spam other users... can't tell how many are on without a hassle, somebody(s) got a bot(s) that takes qeries and renames spam files as those query parameters .

hey, if it can't measure why do older versions do it, and if ya twist your way through it statistics tells you?

why not just put it up front?

are the guys who got the bots paying limewire? if not why not?
they spam the network, they might as well compensate limewire...

1. we can get our own players/viewers/etc
2. we want number of host
3. we want browse host shared files
4. i for one am sick of bot spammers
5. anyway to block out certain ip's from search results [currently only blocks chat - i would like to give those twits a piece of my mind.]
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