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Originally posted by Krieger88
Why should the RIAA bother to browse your host, when your host constantly keeps advertising its shares. - There just has to be a RIAA spy node in the neighborhood and they'll have 90% of your shares within less than an hour without even bothering to connect to you directly.

If they connected to you directly somebody would soon become aware of the RIAA servers constantly trying to browse hosts and you could block them very easily.

If the single purpose of such an option was to keep the RIAA from scanning your host, it'd be pointless to implement it.

You are both correct and incorrect!

Yes it is true that as a participating host(node/servent) you are advertising your Library(shares)constantly but here is one of the beautys of Gnutella:its anonymity and that it operates on a need to know basis you never reveals your identy upon a query unless the query matches something in your Library(database).You can make the following analogy:

Lets say I am walking on a street in a town that I have never visited before and that I know no one in this town.Suddenly someone a stanger walks up to me and says Hello and I respond with Hello then he asks me Do you have a copy of the latest Britney Spears single? I say No but then I walk up to a new set of strangers and says Hello do you have a copy of the latest Britney Spears Single to all of them?.The Resonse was No but these persons in turn walks up to a new set of even more people and ask them the exact same thing and eventually a person that have it will respond Yes I have and I am on this and this street....And once that happens the person who asked that person will send that information to the previous person in the chain and that person will send the same person the same data to the previous person in the chain and this will continue all the way back to the original person who made the query who receives the data with the persons who had a copy of Britney Spears latest single name and address(on Gnutella the file name and IP number).

Never once during this entire procedure my identity(my name and address)(on Gnutella File name and IP number) nor anyone elses identity was revealed only the person who had the single and the original person who made the query will be known to eachother.

So this means that for anyone in the music industry who want to check out who is the big sharers they have to make an original query to get some identity's(IP's) and once they have found some persons that share a few of their copyrighted material they will have to Browse That persons shared directory to decide if that person is a big sharer or not since they apparently are only interessted in the top 10% of sharers that provides the network with 90% of its content.Sure if they would make thousands of querys and then see an individuals IP repeatedly and eventually gathered enough files from that person to call him a big sharer and then trough that persons ISP get to know/reveal his/hers true identity and press charges against him/her they would not need to Browse someones directory.But this would be very time consuming and I personally do not think that they are willing to go that far in their efforts to catch individuals.

So this means that if LimeWire would have a function in its preferences that totally prohibited someone from Browsing his or hers shared directory then it would become significantly harder for the RIAA or anyone else to catch individual big sharers.And this also means that probably several of Gnutella's big sharers would switch to LimeWire because they would feel more safe from getting caught and it would benefit LimeWire as a Gnutella client.
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