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Originally posted by Unregistered

You don't have to be connected to the individual directly, your querihits are broadcast to the network. That node only has to be somewhere in the neighborhood, not directly connected to you.

Yes they do not have to be directly connected to me to get my QueryHits but it is a question about time.Since they are only after the big sharers they have to get a large amount of QueryHits to call someone a big sharer and probably they will only target their efforts against individuals that share for more then a $1000 worth of material.And since the nodes that you are connected to constantly changes they probably do not stay intouch with an individual servent for a long enough time to get all the QueryHits they need.

The vendor string transmitted in the connection handshake is easily changeable. It might claim to be a LimeWire host but it doesn't have to be.

Yes you are correct about that but if they do that then they might be commiting a crime themselfes.

Bearshare is closed source. Security features like those Bearshare implemented are not an option for open-source software, since the security feature is always described in the source code. As far as I am informed, the LimeWire developers don't plan to go closed source again.

That is not entirely true.It depends on what security features you mean but just a new countermeasurment function to deny connections to hostile nodes is still very doable for the LimeWire team to impliment whitout beeing close source.

When your host is browsed, you submit a number of queryhits, without any guarantee that the files are downloadable.
And legally it doesn't matter whether or not those files were downloadable, since your ISP usually can shut you down (according to the standard terms of use), even if you only pretended to be sharing files. But in front of the law, query hits are probably evidence enough. Not to mention that the RIAA spy node could arbitrarily download a few files for further proof, - WITHOUT ever browsing your host.

You are incorrect about that it does not mather if the files are downloadable or not it does.I just read my subscription terms for my subscription and It only says that I are responsible for any illegal "Information transfers" and if I have set the download slots to 0 and the Upload bandwith to 0 no illegal information of copyrighted material from me was transferred hence I have not done anything illegal.And the QueryHIt messages are not proof of any file transfers.And since the ISP's only give out their customers data when a crime has been proven I doubt that most ISP's will give out such data based on Query Hits especially since the RIAA or the company's in the music industry are not government agency's if it where the FBI or something that would have been a completely different story.

I think that you underestimate the US court system.After all the justice in the United States (Or in Sweden where I live) operates under the following conditions before anyone gets convicted:

"Not guilty until proven beyond a reasonable doubt that you are guilty"

And my arguments in my previous post would probably be enough to not be able to convict me.To get some real hard evidence they have to prove that I do really share files and hence they have to first make a query and in the search results that comes up they have to Browse My shared directory to see if I share alot of files or if I am a just a Small sharer.And then start to download files from me and aslo save the result from the Browsing of my host.

[QOUTE]If you simply admitted the crime you could probably hope for lesser punishment. The RIAA could have some nasty surprises for you, if they downloaded files from your computer.[/QUOTE]

That is ofcourse one approach.But If I won using the other approach then I will not get punished at all.

[QUOTELike most LimeWire users you are not very well informed about LimeWire's anti-freeloader feature. All that is currently working is keeping Browsers from downloading from you. Any other client can download from you without sharing. Freeloader blocking only works for gnutella connections, not for uploads. [/QUOTE]

That is not correct!.I have set the amount of files that someone have to have in their shared directory to 20 in order for them to download anything from me.LimeWire takes the information from the Pong messages that contain data about the IP,portnumber,number of files and the total size of all those files.If a host send out a number below 20 files in their Pong response then that node will be refused and my node upon a request will not send out the http string data to that node that he needs to make an http connection and upload from me.And yes ofcourse the Anti Freeloader only works for Gnutella connections and not for uploads but since he cannot make a http connection to me then he cannot make uploads.
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