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Default Shareaza v1.4 brings more Gnutella firsts

Shareaza, a.k.a. God's Gnutella servent is already well known as the place to find the very latest P2P innovations, and we're not about to disappoint with version 1.4. Shareaza has all the latest technology to give you a better downloading experience, combined with a sweet user interface that lets you do as much or as little as you want. Oh, and it's still free. Completely free in fact (no spyware, no ads, no crap).

In short, Shareaza rocks. Seriously, you'd be insane to use anything else. If you haven't tried Shareaza, check it out now at and see what you've been missing. Or if you're using an old version, upgrade to v1.4 to take advantage of:
  • Partial File Sharing - more download sources, better downloads
  • Real LIVE Upload Queuing - now busy hosts can actually be useful!
  • New ultra-friendly Home tab - and many more UI improvements
  • Library organiser - Shareaza now has the best file library manager around
  • More stability, more compatibility - thanks to beta testers
  • Merge search results - finer control for power users
  • Preview/copy in-progress files - doesn't matter if they're in-use
  • Filter by available source count
  • Improved chat, with more to come
  • New URI integration features, plus automated distributed upgrade system
  • Lots more

As usual there are also loads of other enhancements which have been suggested by Shareaza users. If you've got an idea you'd like to see, send it our way and we'll give it full consideration.

The above only lists new features in Shareaza 1.4 - if you haven't used Shareaza before, there's a whole lot more not even mention here. Shareaza still leads the field with its easy and powerful user interface, URL integration, download performance, advanced library management and much, much more.

Partial file sharing automatically shares the files you download, before they've even finished. This allows all users downloading a file to simultaneously share off each other, resulting in a faster and more efficient download experience. This is without doubt the biggest thing to happen to Gnutella downloads since swarming. Shareaza fully supports partial file sharing and downloading, and other Gnutella servents will no doubt follow in its footsteps. In the mean time, you can use Shareaza v1.4 to move to the next level of downloading performance with other Shareaza users, and still interact with older servents until they catch up.

Real LIVE Upload Queuing -- Until now, getting through to a busy host for a download was like trying to win a lottery designed for people with Internet connections much meatier than yours. Maybe you'd get through in 5 minutes, maybe a few hours, maybe never. But all that's about to change, as Shareaza v1.4 introduces live upload queuing. Now when you download off a Shareaza user serving a lot of popular files you automatically secure yourself a place in the upload queue, which no other users can steal. What's more, you can see exactly where you are in the queue (and how long it is) - all completely live. It's unreal. For the moment only Shareaza supports this new technology, but hopefully some other vendors will latch on to how unbelievably cool this is.

New Home Tab -- Shareaza's interface has always kicked serious ****, and now it kicks even more serious ***. The new Home tab in tabbed mode provides a simple yet powerful overview of the program, with easy to understand descriptions and links to important functions. But it's not a bloated web browser, and we haven't filled it up with useless ads.

Library Manager Upgrade -- Shareaza's library manager is by far the most powerful tool available in the P2P world, yet it's a part of the program many users have not really explored. It just got a whole lot cooler with the addition of an easy to use file type filter you can use to quickly locate and sort files of different types.

More stability, more compatibility -- Stability and performance are very important in a program that often stays running for a long period of time, so it's a high priority in Shareaza development. With the help of a large group of beta testers, we've resolved all of the common complaints from previous versions to bring you the most reliable and compatible Gnutella client.

There are also some cool new features for advanced users, such as the ability to manually merge search results that you think are compatible, preview in-progress files even if they're "in-use", filter by the number of available sources for more concise listings, and more. Yes there's always more.

Check Shareaza out now at, and never look back.
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