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Hmmm, after some tedious experimenting I think maybe the warning messages that lead to my posting about the above are a little misleading.

I see, for instance:

** WARNING **: rejecting duplicate download for Farscape 122 - Family Ties HQ.avi

in the xterm I run gtk-gnutella in. I'd assumed this meant that it was rejecting the download purely on filename, so I could only be attempt to get any given filename from a single host at a time. Further investigation suggests that gtk-gnutella is actually saying it already has that filename set to download from the SAME host as the search found.

If this is correct I'd instead prefer one of:

1) Just don't list search results that are already in the download queue for filename+host matching (possibly use urn:SHA1 to check too?).


2) Make the debug/error message in the xterm more explicit about why the duplicate download is being rejected.

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