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Unhappy Re: Shared Files

Originally posted by Unregistered
Question everyone..... I thought that if you turned off sharing of files, that your files would not be indexed (and show up in a someone else's search). I thought I had my sharing turned off, but the MPAA is reporting me as sharing out files, and was able to pull up my files, matched up to my IP, through a regular search... Any thoughts on how this happened.. (as a side note, the MPAA notified my ISP, and hence notified me)
Hard to tell, not knowing all the details, but it may be that they are only guessing about the sharing part.
They may have gotten your IP and some of your files if you have:
1. set your sharing directory to the same as the download directory.
2. downloaded files from an MPAA controlled "bait" site

Are you sure that they used a search to find you?
Have you checked your "Uploads"-tab under "Transfers" for signs of downloads?

The MPAA may be applying some accusation tactics to scare people from using gnutella. I don't know, since I am not even a US resident, but they may be checking out their options corresponding to the upcoming amendment to the USA Act. Refs:,2100,47552,00.html
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