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Default Re: Gnutella client name...

Originally posted by errorlevel
I'm currently trying to figure out a name for a gnutella client that I'm working on.

The target platforms are as follows:
MacOS X,
and {Open|Free|Net}BSD initially.

It is to be portable and easily modified. The GUI is to consist of a plugin. The protocol handler will eventually be moved to a plugin and the file database will consist of a plugin (for possible use with external database software like MySQL or PostreSQL).

The client will be free software (as defined by the Free Software Foundation) and is only being worked on by me (initially, this can change once I have at least released one version on my own).

Things that might be helpful in determining a name:

I usually go by the nickname 'errorlevel'. I have a weird fascination with the word "Moo". (I was considering using "Mootella" but iI feel it is too similar to "Mutella" which is already taken.)

Other names that I have considered using are:

Any suggestions would be very appreciated.

Jared Lash
Well, call it Cow-A-Bunga
Weird fascination? Mooo!
Maybe you should just replace your programname with a placeholder and code on, I think the name can be taken care of later, right?
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