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Default About bad files downloaded from Morpheus.

1st reason. I nearly forgot about the bug in Morphus which was translated from the short living Gnucleus 1.6.0 (upgraded to 1.6.1) which had a bug when assembling partial files (I don't remember if it was wrong uploading info or bad partial file handling from multi-source downloading).

2nd reason. Overpeer et al. This is real. If you get version 1.8.4 of Gnucleus, don't forget to use the blocking feature against their fixed IP. I also added every fake request IP (those like my_request.asf) and fake file IP (quite empty media files mainly with good headers). However, one may be carefull as spoofing is also used to get you out of IP sharing real files. Some random pinging may reveal the truth (this has to be implemented).
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