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Default Re: Unknown Gnutella-metadata in Limewire (like Bearshare?)

Originally posted by Moak
Hi there,

I wanna ask if Limewire did modify the gnutella protocoll, adding some proprietary and undocumented metadata?
For example Bearshare did this twice (QOS in QueryHit and "New-Bearsahre-Testing-TTL1") and I'm not very lucky about this development. I agree the gnutella protocoll needs various improvement and found a lot of articles on internet (e.g. at

I think undocumented features are slowing down the further development, you'll find my argumentation in another thread:

I would be very happy about further information (any other known client adds proprietary information to the protocoll?) and serious discussions (technical and no emotional flames like xyz sucks plz). Thx!
You can find more information and discussions at the Gnutella Developer Forum (
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