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Dodgy translations are part of the fun of international versions of software. I've had many a laugh at versions of software where the programmer has obviously looked up a bilingual dictionary for each individual word. Even non-English versions from the almighty Microsoft (who you would have thought could afford reasonably competent translators), have many words and phrases that are clearly directly translated from English.

It's all part of a sinister plot to make people think that they're getting something in their own language, when it's actually slowly but surely brainwashing them with [directly translated or untranslated] English phraseology.

I'm sure both of you will have noticed this in Germany and Argentina (I certainly do in Spain) where there's so much American and British material on TV (badly dubbed or subtitled) and on the net, that people have started adopting Spanglish or Deunglish in normal language. So the plot is working!

Just wait until the Chinese get a stranglehold on the world economy. Then it'll be really fun! Though Paradog won't have any problems.

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