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You asked for it !

Going to get 'igalan' on here to talk with you about your wild crazy guesses and some valid points slipped in through the cracks... (cranks?).

backmann-- re: fichero vs. archivo... sure... M$ español may have one idea, but remember that this was done in 'proper' castellano.
On the Repetir búsqueda, I suppose I agree with you...
But, please understand that the entire work was done under enormous time pressure... ARBITRARY time pressure, as well !

The other comments above can be ignored as they are based in ignorance...

But for Kath, who knows the score... 'igalan' did what you see in 8 DAYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And he has a wife, family and job...
Any of you beat that ?

backmann, please, your 'input' is much desired re: the translation... But, I cannot understand why you say it is only 1/3 ???
There are very few menus 'missing' ! Plus, the differences between castellano and 'americano' can be great... Your comments are most appreciated.

Enuf... 'igalan' will be here to discuss it with those who are able to discuss things such as this type of work...
Which, for sure, is not many of you...

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