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Default can we beat them?? alias the need for speed!

first sorry for crossposting: the message is displayed in, too

we are a team of programmers that try to build up a supercomputer using the Gnutella network as transport layer.
Our project is hosted here:

There is a whole team at Berkeley and Princenton university
that tries to build up a supercomputer over a peer to peer network.
This is quoted from the article "The group hopes its research can be used to distribute massive amounts of computing power for scientific applications in the form of "distributed supercomputers"".

A strange thing is that they think to use another system for routing: packets travel through the network
using random walks! The heat equation as routing system :-#

and last but not least they will probably move all Seti@home users to their client: mp;num=1161

Do you think we can beat them??
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