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Old September 13th, 2002
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Red face Gtk-Gnutella hogging HTTP!

Is there any way to disable the HTTP features of gtk-gnutella? I couldn't find any...

The problem is that when I run gtk-gnutella here at work (tried it for the first time today), while it works well, it actually manages to hog all of the HTTP requests coming into the building!

No other person in the facility can browse the web. I was able to trace the network traffic (and collisions) back to my machine, and they all went away when I killed off gtk-gnutella. If I fire it up again, the problem resurfaces..

I'm trying gtk-gnuteall because I used to use qtella, but 0.5.3 no longer seems to connect, and I won't touch LimeWire with a 10ft pole (we don't need no steenkin' java).

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