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Default LimeWire v2.6.5 available

You can download it from VersionTracker

The current version of LimeWire brings unprecedented functionality and ease of use to the Gnutella network, and also solves many of the flaws currently marring the gNet user experience, such as memory leaks, instability and irrelevant results. Furthermore, it adds helpful features such as wildcard searching , customizable result filtering, and host browsing. The LimeWire software package also features some exciting new technologies to help the proper functioning of gNet as a whole, including filtering duplicate requests and routing push requests.

In addition to providing a positive experience for the user, the LimeWire client has a number of features which make it beneficial to the Gnutella network itself. These features include spam filters to reduce the effectiveness of spamming techniques, a "greedy" query filter which can be configured to drop duplicate queries, queries from bots, and over-general queries, a system of routing, rather than broadcasting push requests, strong encouragement to share files, the placement of downloads-in-progress are placed in a temporary directory,an intelligent mechanism for fairly dropping packets, and robust compatibility with even poorly written Gnutella clients.