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Default LimeWire 1.5 is finally here!!!

We have just completed the final version of LimeWire 1.5.

Downloads will be available sometime tonight only from, and users will recieve automatic notifications of the new version when they start LimeWire in a couple of days.

It is recommended that all users except for Mac OS 9.1 and below uninstall their old versions before installing LimeWire 1.5. Please note that this will not remove any directories with files that you have downloaded, so you will not lose any of your files.

LimeWire 1.5 uses the Java2 Runtime Environment, v 1.3.1. This means that it should exhibit significantly improved performance over LimeWire 1.4. This will be particularly noticeable on slower machines.

LimeWire 1.5 also includes improved download resume functionality, the ability to launch files while they are still downloading, and the ability to reduce LimeWire to the system tray on windows.

The LimeWire version for OSX is also significantly improved. First, it is only a 600KB download. It also now uses the native OSX look and feel.

Other new features include green color coding of speeds in search results. A green speed in a search result indicates that the speed returned is a speed that LimeWire has measured based on a client's uploads, so it should be quite accurate.

The installer for Windows is also completely overhauled.

There are also several bug fixes.

We on the LimeWire team sincerely hope that everyone enjoys using the new version.
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