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Angry Bugs? afisk please read

I got through the installation fine, and started up program a-ok, take the 'javaw' thing, but I had already read the fix to it, so it was fine. I got connected, then started a download, but it errored, and I didn't want to mess with it. I sent it to the systray, but I couldn't get it back up. Right click didn't do anything, neither did double. I wasn't up or downloading, so it became a bandwitdh hogger in the systray. (I have a slow 56K, so I probably had a byte of extra bandwidth) So I had to close it. In other words, the MMT didn't work.
Smaller, but when you scroll diwn the search list, it blurs. To get rid of it all you have to do is click, but when you scroll a lot, it gets annoying.
Please tell me if these are bugs or glitches or just my system or something.

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