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Old October 18th, 2002
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Angry MANDATORY: solve download.dat corruption problem!

It never fails. You have just managed to download some 100 Megs worth of incomplete files when for what reason ever (maybe an interrupted connection or whatever), Limewire freezes, destroys downloads.dat and thus sends your incomplete files to Nirvana. The next time you run Limewire, the downloads screen is as white as a polar bear in a blizzard.

As far as I am concerned, I do nor wish to spend my short life moving incomplete files to the trash and restart downloading them over and over again. Sorry, but after several weeks of this, i am more than a little bit pissed about LW and just because MAc users do not have access to Shareaza doesnt mean we have to deal with such inferior trash! (Ooops, but now I feel better)

There are four solutions to this problem:

(1) An automatic backup of downloads.dat every so-and-so minutes,

(2) Enable Limewire to work with "mutilated" downloads.dat files,

(3) Tag download information to the file itself and thus make it resumable on its own,

(4) look for a gnutella client that actually works.

75% of these solutions are up to the developers, 25% are at the user's choice.
We'll see what solution will surface.

Still pissed,

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