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Rule #1
Never ever install LimeWire as root!

Rule #2
Use a user account.

If you want to create limewire in that directory that you specified.... first set the security for that directory to a level that will allow all users on your system to use it before you install to that directory.
I hope you know how to create a "group" account with all your users that you want to use LimeWire added. Like creating a group called "limewire" and putting you, nDiScReEt (me*smile*), and Unregistered. One you create that goup, create your limewire installation directory:


(You, of course, will have to be root to create that directory)

next change the permissions of that directory:

chgrp /usr/local/LimeWire

go to this directory and su as "limewire", install limewire, and then you shall be able to run limwire if you really must have it in the direcotry "/usr/local/LimeWire".



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