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Default Upload speeds

One thing I donít understand is why my Upload speeds are always like 1, 3, or 3Kbs. Even if only one or two songs are being uploaded, and even when the computer is doing absolutely nothing but serving songs. It seems with my 750K cable connection Ė which is not being used for anything else at the time -- even dial-up users should be able to upload at faster rates than that.

Actually, I should point out that it doesn't always start out that way. At first the uploads go out at a good clip. But the upload speed deteriorates over time. (The number of files available in the title bar seems to drop dramatically as well, over time).

Itís not because my upstream bandwidth is limited, like in some cable connections. Everything else uploads at full speed. Itís just uploads on the Gnutella network that are so slow.

I have fiddled with all the options in the Options dialog box to no avail. I do have about 4,000 songs in my library. But why would that matter?

Iím using 2.7.3 Pro. Everything else is peachy. I just donít get why the uploads are so slow, consistently. So I guess my real question is: Is there anything I can do to increase the speed of my uploads? (It's OK to answer in technical language, you don't need to spoon feed it to me).

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