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Lightbulb Download / Uploads

Dear Scarecrow,

I assume you are aware that your uploads are limited by the speed of the downloader.
Furthermore what exactly is your maximum upload speed? If you are not throttling the bandwidth using limewire then if more than one person is uploading from you lets say your maximum upload speed is 128Kbps then two people uploading from your will receive apx 64kbps. If two more connect then this drops to 32Kbps per transfer.

Don't forget that limewire measures in BYTES 1 = 8 bits, datacommunication speeds are in bits not BYTES so your 750K connection = (750Kbps /8B) = 93.75KB So in your post you indicate that people are downloading a 1 or 3 (8Kbps / 24Kbps.) Chances are these people are using modems.

Hope this helps.
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