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Lightbulb Explaination for Increase In Speed

Originally posted by Julie Z
When I have my speed in LimeWire set to Cable/DSL, I will see uploads drop to 2kb/s. All of them. If I set my speed to T3 or higher, they will go up to +or- 20. Depending on the other users' capabilities. I leave it at T3 so that others can upload faster and I can receive more search results.
If you say that you have a T3 connection but don't essentially what happens is you are logically moved to the center of the network.

For example :

If the network is made up of rings People with T3 connections (or say that they have) are logically moved to the center of the network while people with slower connections are move off to the edges of the network.

When you connect as an ADSL user, the people uploading from you are likely to be modem and other ADSL users. When you connect as a T3 or higher node, you are likely to see a higher amount of downloads as the people who will download from you will use various speed connections as it stands today most people have the ability to receive data much faster than anyone can send it.

There are very few nodes actually on T3 connections as those are very expensive $15,000 - $20,000 or more per month. Any nodes actually on a T3 doing file sharing are probably housed in someones University or work location.

Hope this helps.
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