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Old November 16th, 2002
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Angry Hello! Does Limewire actually read these forums?

I've seen several threads running recently about this file corruption problem, but have yet to see anyone respond who seems to have a solid bead on the problem, or consistent solutions. Some say to keep downloading and the file will actually work fine. Some say to just play it in Limewire instead of iTunes. Some say the problem is generally isolated in grouped mp3s. None are true or me. I installed yesterday afternoon and now wonder why I bothered. It announces it's corrupted right at the end of the download and leaves not even a partial file for me to at least attempt to play. It won't play in Limewire or iTunes (there isn't anything there to play). And virtually every file is corrupted. I say "virtually" because the first file I attempted last night came through (although it was incomplete--what the hell software are people using to download their tracks?). But since, not a single one works. Not a single one. Corrupt every time. And I have attempted dozens of downloads trying to see if I could work through it. Some on these forums have said (almost weirdly emphatically, like they have some stake in this or something) that it's NOT a system problem. But it sure seems like one. I'm willing to believe that there are many corrupt files out there on peoples' machines, but not that every mp3 on every machine using Limewire is corrupt. That isn't possible.

So, I'd appreciate it if someone from Limewire would give us some feedback on this issue, because I'm clearly not the only one having it. At least tell us you have seen the problem and are working on it. Or you have heard our pleas and are thinking about looking into it. Something. Anything. But until then, stop asking me every time I boot up the app if I want to upgrade to Limewire Pro. Right now, that would be a complete waste of money and I won't even consider it.
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