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We did setup a network with 2 clients(0.7.3 and 0.8beta), I gave My IP to the other and he connected to me, could search my files and download from me.
I could search for his files and see them , but could not download from him (got queued while the other side had no restrictions for upload)
Can you give me more information what versions you were using? I could reproduce some problems but not that you got queued. Are you sure you got queued or where you just not able to connect.
Both version have some problems with communicating the IPs of each other. This should be fixed in the next 0.8 build 31.

An other thing I noticed was that the hostcatcher stayed empty.
The normal hosts file was not changed and aparently Phex does not create a alternative hosts file for the private network.
Phex should create a alternative host file for private networks, called phex_networkname.hosts. Could it be that you just had no hosts in the catcher?

Would it be possible, if phex could be modified to use the private network as the standard, to overcome this problem.
It would help me if you could give me a list of features you need to improve the private network support. I didn't work much on private network support since most people dont use it and have not a very good idea of the extra functionality that would be necessary.

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