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Hi bobtburns. When Napster went down, I turned to the original Gnutella client for file sharing. It was through that I learned which port Gnutella uses, and since XoloX is a client, I figured it must be the same. I find it unbelievable this basic information is not available from XoloX! It's port 6346, using the UDP protocol. You can set this up in your Linksys router under Advanced>Forwarding with your assigned local IP address. Use the same IP address in the XoloX networking configuration applet (to force). Although I too have a lot of files to share, it's very seldom I upload any. So I know it works, but not sure what's up with that. I suspect the reason the network is now behaving so badly is the fact that some clients are bad citizens and send out multiple requests for the same files, thus speeding up hits for their users, but dragging down the network's performance for everyone else. But that's the price to pay for a wide open, freewheeling network like Gnutella. The alternative is to regulate the clients allowed and enforce standards, which I don't believe anyone really wants; but it may come to that. Anyway, I hope you find this helpful, and they get this issue fixed for everyone!