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Post Limewire version 2.8.5 Available Notification

LimeWire version 2.8.5 Available Notification

LimeWire is available in the following languages:
English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian, Swedish,
Portuguese, Catalan and Simplified Chinese

LimeWire operating systems supported are:
MS Windows (95,98,ME,NT,2000,XP), Apple Mac (OS 8.1-9.x, OSX 10.0-10.1), Sun Solaris Sparc (2.6-2.8), Sun Solaris Intel (2.6-2.8), Compaq Tru64, FreeBSD, IRIX, HP-UX (10.20, 11) IBM AIX 4.3.x, Linux Redhat (6.2, 7, 7.1), Linux Caldera and Turbo Linux

This is the page for FREE AD LOADED BASIC LimeWire version.

After you have tried the AD LOADED FREE version you will
probably want to purchase the PRO LimeWire version with
NO ADS, NO BANNERS, NO SPYWARE with six months
of LimeWire PRO version update service at $9.50 US through
the PAY PAL Service or Credit Card.

FAQ’s here :
FAQ’s in PDF

Here’s the missing user guide in PDF in a ZIP file.
Use to open if you do not have
a utility to open a zip file.

Got BUGS with your version? Cut and Paste them and send your error messages to:
Sorry no free support or replies at this address; however, they do fix the problems when
sent here. The Pro version comes with e-mail support and different e-mail address.

Help translate LimeWire into a different language and you
could get LimeWire Pro for FREE.
See link below for more information on translation
and FREE LimeWire Pro version for contributors.

List of languages needing translation help:
Bulgarian, Estonian, Hindi (Devanagari), Latvian, Vietnamese. Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Finnish, Turkish, Czech, Slovak, Greek, Japanese, Romanian, Norwegian
Limewire New Features
-- HTTP 1.1 use for downloading -- this will improve overall download throughput and will improve your chances of getting queued successfully by another user when attempting a download.

-- Support for server-side "GUESS" -- one half of a new searching architecture that should significantly improve LimeWire persformance. The new searching architecture, developed by LimeWire, is called the "Gnutella UDP Extension for Scalable Searching." The server-side release allows us to test the systems and tune the client searching algorithm for LimeWire 3.0.

-- User interface enhancements from Sam Berlin, an open source contributor. These include icons to indicate the sorting order of all columns, the ability to add and remove columns from any table in the program, enhanced coloring of file names in the library (files that are not yet shared appear in red), and more.

-- Improved download mesh support -- LimeWire now stores far more mesh data locally, incrementally reporting that data to other nodes on the network in HTTP headers

-- Dramatically improved advanced statistics recording -- particularly useful for researchers and/or developers, and not available on Mac 9.x and below (it is available on OS X, however). The curious can take a look by activating advanced statistics recording in the statistics window.

LimeWire New Features 2.7.3 - (Release date: 10.29.02)
Remote queuing: if an up loader is too busy to handle a download request, it will queue you. The up loader then serves downloads in a first-come, first-serve basis. This feature is compatible with the queuing schemes used by other vendors.
Resume from library: you can resume incomplete files in the library with a single button press.
Safer resumes: LimeWire keeps track of the hashes for all incomplete files. This reduces the chance of a corruption when resuming.
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