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Default A Change to G2 is needed

So what does this reply actually mean? Is it a yes that XoloX will support G2 or is it a no that XoloX will not support G2.

G2 has not only shown but it still remains technically way better then the old G1. The only problem with the G2 network is that the GDF hasn't accepted it yet. But Gnucleus has accepted G2, and others will surely follow, but the stubborn ones that don't follow will surely be slowly outdone once thier users notice the better competition. XoloX will only be doing alot of good for its dedicated users if XoloX does support G2. What big difference does it do if a client changes support for a specific protocol, this does not endanger the Business. This point can be supported by the fact that LimeWire, Bearshare, XoloX, etc... make "operational cost" money from using the open protocol G1. When Shareaza 1.7 final comes out, Mike has promised that he'll release the G2 specs, and thus making the G2 network an opensource network.