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Default LimeWire 1.6 beta available

A beta version of LimeWire 1.6 is now available for testers at Adventurous users are encouraged to try it out and report any problems they may have. If everything checks out ok, we will make this available on our website for the general public.

Version 1.6 fixes some of the problems with 1.5:
<li>The 'missing javaw.exe' bug should be solved on Windows 95/98/ME.
<li>LimeWire should connect to properly, provided the server isn't overloaded.
<li>Wi***/98/ME users running are warned at install time. (LimeWire won't actually take the program off for you.)
<li>The system tray is disabled on all systems but Win2k and WinNT. (To Wi***/98/ME users: you'll have to wait for this feature.)
<li>Better Java 1.1.8 support for some weird configurations.

As with version 1.5, LimeWire 1.6 has the following improvements over 1.4b:
<li>Improved resumed downloads.
<li>Measures speeds of remote hosts more accurately, displaying them in green if of high confidence.
<li>Can launch files while they download.
<li>New virtual machine should be much faster and more reliable.
<li>Can minimize LimeWire into the system tray on WinNT/2k.
<li>Improved push uploads and downloads.
<li>Improved BearShare QHD compatibility.
<li>Fixed bug downloading files with strange extensions.
<li>Restores window size on startup.

We hope you enjoy LimeWire!

Christopher Rohrs
Sr. Software Engineer