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Default Help configuring Asante 3004 for Limewire


I run BearShare and Limewire (both the newest versions) through an Asante FriendlyNet 3004 cable/router. I can download with both clients, but only BearShare seems to be able to allow uploads. Has anyone sucessfully set up LimeWire with the Asante router?


1) Should the port number in the Advanced...Firewalls...Force Local IP be the same as Advanced... Port? I've set both to 6346

2) The Asante has two parameters that can potentially affect access to a particular port. Are the following settings correct?

Popular Applications- you can set an incoming port and a trigger; Ive set both to 6346.

Distributed Servers Setup- you can enter a port and a LAN IP address; I've set the port to 6346, the IP address of my computer and enabled it.

As I've said I'm able to download with LimeWire but no one can upload. Any help would be appreciated.

Win2k, cable(Optimum), Asante 3004(firmware r2.5)
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