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Smile Beta Feedback

This is a great update! I like the native look & feel (MacOSX). I appreciate all the work you guys do to make Limewire better.

I had a little problem...well...not so little, I guess. The GUI went wacko. The montitor tab had been showing, uploading 4 files. I disconnected because I wanted to do some serious web surfing and left the files to finish uploading. When I was finish surfing, I planned to reconnect to the gnutella network.

Anyway, when I went to check on the upload status, the window was frozen. It couldn't be moved, and the red, yellow, & green gumdrops wouldn't do anything. The window contained a line of text for each file being uploaded. The text was mostly unreadable, overlapping, and appeared to be made of large pixels. The rest of the window was mostly empty and sort of an orange color.

Clicking on the LimeWire icon in the Dock causes the Dock to freeze for about 15 seconds, although I can still switch to other apps by clicking their windows.

There is still network activity, so it appears that the files are continuing to upload, while the GUI went bye bye.

Let me know if there is a better place to provide beta feedback and I will do it there.