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Originally posted by backmann
Well, I don't know what to say... You are trying to clear up something to two people who speak in Spanish 24 hs a day .
Like me

In real life, a "documento" is a file of great importance, like a legal statement, a "carpeta" is a folder, and a "fichero" is a place where you keep files.
I don't completely agree with the implicit great importance of "documento" but, anyways, it's my oppinion just to sume up to the others. Whereas fichero seems collectively doomed, I'm ok enough .

[edit]M$ is also not completely consistent. You can see that the first menu to the left in almost any app is "archivo" (for historical reasons, I dare to say) but the "recent files" in the start menu is labeled as "documentos" and the "my documents" folder is "mis documentos" (at least in my XP) and both of them don't refer only to word docs.[/edit]

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