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I am glad that i didn't deside to buy this. Now after trying it for a few days or so and discovered that this is crap.. Unfortunately this is the only place to find applicatons and stuff. For music , -if you have PC - try WinMX or Kaza lite.
That works much better than this.
Hope to find a better solution for macs soon.
This system has slowed my mac down - it eats memory. After a few tries all the files that downloads - ends up "could not move to library" - so what's that point of being here. Or it stays in queue. I used to leave my computer on during the night or day when i go to work. When I get home.. if i am lucky - i have got one or two small small files of 20 k's or something... (that is lucky) Mostly... nothing in "complete-folder"
You can't see how many that are downloading the same files..
You can't see how and what exact they are downloading from you. I guess the numbers and searchings are thru the whole network.
You don't get the files anyway - if you do... that was probably a mistake :-)
It is very very slow
Some files are better found at the original place.. like updates and stuff - try the manufacturer - they do have a lot to share.

I hope that LimeWire gets better in the future... But now i guess i will uninstall this ****.
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