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Angry very unhappy with Limewire

I have read other replies and I agree with them all. I either get up to 96% and it goes into requery or I get a corrupted file. I am not fortunate to have a dsl or cable line and I appreciate the fact that this is free but it really gets to be a pain when you click on several songs hoping to connect to just one and then whey you do connect, it takes more than an hour and then it quits. The thing that makes me more unhappy than anything are the corrupted files that I have been getting and I know it is not my computer!! I use Kazaa also and it's just as bad. I do realize that we all are competing with over 7 million users and that is a lot but I sure hope you can improve the quality of the songs you are putting on the net. I will stay for a while and keep hoping that things will improve!!
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