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We do know how the downloading works..

We are trying to find out ways to fool the program since it continues to do this "Cannot move to library" and other strange things.
We are trying to fool it by "Quit downloading this file" and "try again" to download it...
But everything we try ends up like normal. We can't have the file.

WE/I are also missing a lot of funktions on this Limewire program and we hope that the developer wakes up one day and fixe this problems.
We (I) also want to know "how long is the queue on THAT file" we (I) are trying to download...
We (I) want to see WHo is Downloading what from OUR (mine) harddisks.. We (I) don't want to see what everyone are downloading from everyone else...
And we (I) do want this Cannot move to Librarry thing fixed.. WE don't like spending hours of downloading just to have the file ending up "Cannot move to library). If the file isn't complete.. we would like to be able to download it completely or that we ourselves can move it to the right folder... not just disappearing to somewhere

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