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Default LimeWire Development Update, 03-02-11

I hope I will be able to write this every week or every two weeks to keep you informed about LimeWire development. This message contains most of the work that was done during the last few weeks. I will try to explain most of the technical terms as good as I can, but I don't have a degree in computer science either.

* Added URNs (basically the hashes of the files you are sharing) to the QRP tables (those tables are sent to the ultrapeer so the ultrapeer can determine if you might have a file matching a query it receives so it can decide whether to pass a Query to you or not).
* Improved X-Degree support. New LimeWire ultrapeers as of LimeWire 2.9 or 3.0 which ever is next, will try to keep 42 ultrapeer connections and 40 leaf connections while the TTL (time to live) of each message is reduced from 6 to 4. This should not change Query traffic much but reduce QueryHit traffic significantly. In addition LimeWire will try to use those QRP tables (mentioned above) not only between ultrapeers and leafs but also between ultrapeers and other ultrapeers.
* Removed support for old Gnutella 0.4 connections
* Added support for Vendor Messages. This is a new message type originally introduced by BearShare. LimeWire will use them to improve automatic firewall detection.
* Additions to some of the translations
* Fixed new minspeed semantics. The min speed field in Querys was more or less unused because after swarming was added, it did not matter what's speed the remote host was, so it can now be used for something else. The gnutella developers decided to use it to indicate in the query if a host is firewalled and whether or not it wants xml results. The former means that as of the next LimeWire version, firewalled hosts will not receive results from hosts they could never download from. The latter is for non-limewire clients that not necessarily care about xml data, thus it's saving bandwidth.
* Some work on the pro-update-branch. This will enable LimeWire users to buy LimeWire pro through LimeWire or something. I'm not sure about it.
* Simplified Connection & Handshaking API. (You won't care unless you're a programmer and if you are a programmer, look at the source code yourself).
* Lot's of changes to the unit tests.
* Saving bandwidth by simplifying XML QueryHits. (Formerly LimeWire was wasting a little bandwidth by sending "plaintext" in each XML QueryHit for the sake of backwards compatibility now it just sends "".)
* Improved some error messages
* LimeWire now always sends dynamic queries. (Dynamic querying means that an ultrapeer will send a query from one of its leafs to one ultrapeer connection at a time, stopping the search when it has received a certain number of results (80 for new leafs [LW 2.9+], 50 for old leafs and 10 for any urn queries, 160 if the ultrapeer itself originated the query). The number of ultrapeer connections a leaf has by default is reduced to 2.
* Added explore button in the library on windows for users who aren't able to find their shared files. (This will open an explorer window).
* Improved message & query API
* Modified Filters to allow searches by SHA1 hash. This will be useful because the next version of LimeWire will introduce magnet link support.

Elsewhere in the world of Gnutella:
I finally managed to add magnet link support to my beloved Mozilla using the plugin - but I'm still looking for somebody who knows about the KDE API and who can help me with my KIO_Slave to handle magnet links with konqueror (it is working already, even if not quite as I expected). If you want to help, send me a message.

A magnet link preview for windows is avaibable here:
You can test it here:
and of course here:

gtk-gnutella (for linux) has updated but it still can't compare to limewire because its GUI - excuse me - sucks.

The battle between good and evil, Gnutella and the protocol that calls itself "Gnutella2" continues.

Greg Bildson ( ) offered free LimeWire PRO for life to the person that knows how to handle magnet links under MacOSX. Read here:
If none of you knows about magnet links, don't worry. You will be able to use magnet links with LimeWire on MacOSX via command-line. (*The linux user chuckles because magnet links already work on his OS*)

As I mentioned above, I will try to send those updates regularly for those who are interested. Good night.
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