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Default suspicious activity

Whenever i put a search in whatever i have searched for will within 1-2 minutes return 2 suspicious matches.What is suspicious you ask? the 2 files will always have the same amount of kb and 4 stars and at least 2 hosts for each match usually it is four ie if i was searhing for Edit in audio then a result like this will occur

****4 Edit mp3 1,904KB T3 or....
****4 Edit mp3 378KB T3 or....

At first i was fooled and downloaded the match, only to discover the file would not work.I immediately deleted it.After watching these matches come up every time for every search and always the 2 together and always with the same KB i have become suspicious.They will even match to any old combination of letters you make up.
Does anyone know what this is ? Is it some kind of virus?Has anyone else noticed this?


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