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Angry Virus??? Please ALL Gnutella users check this!!

I noticed something VERY VERY strange : when I type in a name of a song wanna search on the gnutella network with Lime Wire, sometimes I get strange files on the same size always : 378 Kb!!wich is, we all well should know, too short to be an mp3 file wich should normally be between 3,000 and 6,000 kbytes!
They bring comments like "the real thing! Please share!!"

For example under search of a Madonna song I get
"True blue(the real thing!!!!) please share" and I got suspicious
so I typed a random name (sdkufseih) and then searched for wouldnīt believe it : I got "sdkufseih (the real thing) please share" size : 378 kbytes!!

In all the cases, I could download it with a speed of T3 or higher...that means almost a server connection so itīs not a private user (wich could also have a modem)

Is that a kind of self activating virus or a spy program that automatically connects to the internet and does things I donīt wanna it to do?? My email

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