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Here is a scary story. You think LimeWire has problems? Well, I went and downloaded Ares just because a friend told me it was good and they have no spyware. Well, I configured everything properly, only had my Ares Shared File in my Library and in my advanced prefs as a share, etc. I am behind a firewall and I am nothing if not security aware and I reasonable savvy. All of a sudden, I notice I am downloading at blazing speeds. I got several mp3's in just a few minutes. I downloaded a program in just a few minutes. Curious, I went to the monitor feature and I saw a swarm of people, maybe ten IPs in my uploads. My computer is new and fast, but that worried me. I went to my library and I saw that MY ENTIRE C DRIVE WAS AVAILABLE FOR UPLOAD!!! Ares states in it's user agreement that only the files you select will be shared. This was either the work of a brilliant hack (did I mention I am behind a firewall AND a router?) or a major design flaw in Ares.
The point is, that scared the h*!! out me and for now I will be sticking to Limewire, whatever it's flaws.

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