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Originally posted by Juggalo15
You will learn to check the installer before you install. Thay have done that before and one time instead of putting up the english Limewire pro they put up the multilingual one on all the links.

Edit:Also I just checked it out and it says Limewire Pro 2.9.4 and yet the english windows installer is for 2.9.3. This is on the pro page. Yet I believe the reagular page has been changed....I would think the paying customers would come first no?
The build process itself is more or less automated. The new installers (PRO and free version) will be created and copied to the servers after each build. - The websites are not updated automagically so the version numbers on the websites (as you might have noticed) are not always accurate. It also requires a manual intervention to update the links to point to the right installers so they might lead you to the wrong location if one of the LimeWire developers was a little careless when quickly creating a new version before leaving for the week-end.
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