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Konrad I really wish you would reconsider, there are so many people out there that love your program and would follow you through think and thin. People like me. I can't believe the shmack you've gotten! Doesn't any one understand that Phex is always changing, evolving and getting better. It wouldn't of been long before you found a fix. Vinnie, I almost understand you. You have put your sweat and blood into this program, this network, this community. Then along comes some wiper-snaper and just starts to destroy that. But I think your confused here, this network was meant to be open and to evolve. That was the original thought behind it at least! Remember the first Gnutella client and even the few clones after that for about a year, the Gnutella network was shambles! Dropped connections, unreliable downloads, clogging chat packets, the ever expanding search and ping packets! Look how far we have come! Guess what, you didn't fix all of that! You may of helped but it was the work of thousands of people that pulled it all together. Some, many we will never know about, made those simple websites with how-to's and FAQ's all for the better of the Gnutella community! Others made new gnutella clients and molded the protocol to what it is today.

Now I see that the community is in a uproar! Yelling and threating! All the way we have come it starts to melt down!
We all need to step back and look at what we have accomplished! A new comer has been shot down, instead of helping them. Why not tell them what you have done, and your ideas instead of scolding. We've grown up now, remember.

I'm not here to pick fights, just stating my opinion. Please work together, like Greg, being polity and giving a little time means less frustration.
Last I would like to explain the title of the post: I found it funny that the people putting on a lot of the pressure made windows only clients. Sounds like a larger company that's having legal trouble, right now. Because of forcing the small company's out of business in one way or another (MS).

JC / macXster

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