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Default I wouldn't quit... In fact if you need an heir

My best side shows when other people's greed and arrogance drives me on... I did not write the code base that's been made, but I have theorized about Gnutella before I knew it existed(trying to make an unhackable Diablo/Starcraft tournament system... Basically with enough watchers, you can't change your stats... But what ends up being a hierarchical web page mirroring system governed by facist police is a different story.)

P2P should be free, and effort for the other developers to squash the others is a result of a capitalistic society... In a good world, people wouldn't compete... But people do... I'm really you are thinking of quitting Konrad... I hope you reconsider, and look at it like a crusade. A crusade to build quality free software in order to empty the pockets of the companies with deep pockets.

I think Phex is best for two reasons.

First it comes mainly from my moral standpoint. I don't think people should stoop to spyware and stuff that should be illegal. If I meet the person who made Bearshare on the streets, It'd take alot not to physically attack him.

Secondly I like Phex because of its autodownload system. You enter a few files you want, leave Phex on, and eventually you'll get the files... I wrote papers on how entire seasons, and cultures could be downloaded with this technology if its expanded.

I make a great deal of money doing stupid stuff on the internet, and I have a deal of spare time to work on a noble project. If I had some basic support on these forums, I'm sure I could help out.

I have a great vision for Phex
It can make downloading all the media you like as easy as 1 click.

The knowledge I can gain from Phex will allow me to finally implement the following theories that I don't have the coding knowledge to implement:
#1) Unhackable Web site mirroring and distributed computing processing by untrusted sites.
A: Dirt simple figure it out yourself.

#2) Multiple servers handling a single client-
A: in case one server goes down- you got others
B: If the client's bandwith pipe isn't maximized with contact with just one server, the possibility of getting data sooner from a different server speeds your connection/gameplay

Threats work opposite on me... You threaten to take me down, I mark you as someone I distaste and work even harder so you don't accomplish your goals.

Konrad_h, don't quit...

If you must quit, consider hanging around to help me with questions about your code. I hate corporations about as much as I love Gnutella, and I especially love Phex.

So maybe hang around and help me out. I may ask what seem to be newbie questions, but I pick up really fast.
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