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Type 2 errors usually means an Exstension conflict or insufficent memory to run the application.

I had this problem when using Netbarrier FireWall. No mather which preferences and rules I had set in NB I simply could not run LW at the same time as NB. We mac users dont need a FireWall crap anyway so I just trashed that S**t and never had a problem since with LW.

Another problem could be that you have not assigned enough memory to MRJ 2.2.5 assign it 32000 as the maximum value. Highlight MRJ icon and from file menu select Show Info then Memory and then set the maximum value to 32000 but dont touch the minimum value. After this re-start your mac and once again try to run LW.

Another potentional problem could be that you do not have enough physical RAM to run LW I would recommend 320MB and Virtual Memory turned off. If you have less then you may have to use more HD space as VM. For instance if you have 192MB as Physical RAM you will need to set the VM to 193MB.
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