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Default Uploads work! . . .

Thanks! Pongs make more sense now. I'd thought they were requests for 'chunks' Forced the IP, mapped the router to my G3 for all ports, and within minutes had more activity in the Monitors pane than I knew was possible! Yeeha!

This led to a bunch of new issues and two crashes (one when I tried to allow UP).

The Pushes are related to forcing the IP, but forcing seems to be redundant since that's what the NAT primarily does. If LW can detect a NAT, why doesn't LW get the address required for formatting queries and responses from the NAT?

Before I ask any more ?'s, my ISP says I have a second static I can use. I think I can set it up to provide a NAT-less base comparison next. I hope too this will eliminate the "file not found." problems.

Thanks again--gotta run.
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