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Originally posted by stief
Sorry about the delay in responding. Thought I'd follow your hint and start reading about Java 1.4.1 . Scary--some of it almost made sense, especially the resolved and known issues. Looks to me that LW and Acq take a lot of heat for Java issues, so I'll have to go back and study them more. I really perked up glancing over the "open source" and Java Community Project stuff. Does Apple really offer much to the cross-platform Java community that LW can use?
I would prefer if Sun would create a JRE for OSX (it shouldn't be too hard to port the linux JRE to OSX), - but Apple certainly does a better job at integrating java applications into the OSX environment. I have the impression Mac users are used to drag-and-drop and a unified interface. That's something Sun doesn't really provide you with, although they are improving java on this sector (at least they support native clipboards, now).

Aachen, huh?
West Germany, near the borders to Belgium and the Netherlands.

Whatever . . . as this thread and past ones prove, you've provided me with the most useful information. Whoever fixed the http bug, helped develop a way to bock the spammers with "block host", reduced the "could not move to library" problem, etc. deserves a lot of credit.
No problem, I've lots of free time at the moment, since I have my spring vacations at the moment.

Back on topic, no further developments on the 2nd static IP setup. ISP has activated the second, and is willing but unable to help with the NAT. Waiting for a third reply from the NAT software vendor (I haven't heard anything from LW Pro support). I have a second ethernet hub, so I think I'll try using one hub to split the modem connection for a direct connection on one IP, and run the NAT off the other IP and hub.
Honestly, I wouldn't go through all the trouble if I were you. It's usually just some stupid problem with the configuration that you overlook even when you go through it for the hundredth time. You could spend weeks on this problem. Gnutella works quite well with a certain amount of firewalled hosts and it's not as if you were not uploading anything at all.
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